Vision Blinds or Night & Day Blinds

Vision Blinds, also known as Day & Night blinds are the latest style of window blind to come to market giving you privacy and vision at the same time.

These duel layer cassette roller blinds have horizontal bands of fabric and sheer voile to allow for light and vision and with a further adjustment close for total privacy.

Vision Blinds are available in a wide range of designs and voile opacities and colours.

Manually Controlled or with Battery Operated Motorised Remote Controls, giving you the full flexibility this blind has to offer.

The remote control option removes the need for chains so this risk of entanglement is removed. One remote control can operate up to 14 blinds.

We are working on the option of APP based or Home Automation operation in the near future so they can be fully integrated into your home system.

Here at Countesthorpe Blinds we are keeping an eye on trends and technologies so we are always a step ahead. Call us for details.

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