Roller Blinds

There are literally 100’s of designs and styles available in our Roller Blinds. Our Made-To-Measure Roller Blinds will fit your individual windows so if you have an awkward size that’s not a problem.

Countesthorpe Blinds can now fit them with the addition of cassettes to hide the workings and the roller, This gives a much neater and finished look to the standard roller blind design because its all enclosed within the cassette.

Motorisation is now the way forward, from rechargeable battery operated motors to hard wired integrated systems.

Remote controls give you full control of your blinds without the need for chains and cords making it neater and also Child Safe.

Whatever your requirements, we can help you, from choosing the design, to the type of installation so with our knowledge of the types and styles, we will make sure you pick the right blinds for your windows. Contact us for more details.

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